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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Princess & Pirate 5th Birthday - Happy Birthday M!

Today M turns 5! I know I have been away from blogging. Life has been so busy the past several weeks. Hubby on AT for a few weeks in the dessert on the West Coast, I was working in my sewing room for a week straight on custom orders and while everything else was going on, I was planning this birthday party for M!

Stunning custom headband by Little Lady Accessories

Choco dipped Queenly Cookies

Nutella Crowns. 
I used our Lunch Punch for the princess set to create these fun and cute sandwiches.

M loves the fruit skewers we did for C's Seeet Shoppe birthday party, so of course we made them again. You just can not go wrong with fresh fruit on sticks..lol

Pink rice krispy Princess Wands with purple sugar sprinkles.

My girl friend Courtney wanted to make M a fabulous special cake. She spent two days baking and decorating. On the car ride over the morning of the party (mind you we live on a dirt road), the tower shifted. We fixed it the best we could with skewers and some store bought frosting. I felt so bad because she make the whole thing from scratch. Three chocolate cake layers with homemade strawberry buttercream filling and a buttercream frosting. I think it still looked fabulous and the taste was amazing!!!

For the princess of the party I stayed up the night before until 2am making fluffy shiny tulle tutu's. 
They were a hit!

For the boys I made Pirate eye patches and head scarves. I found the tutorial for the eye patch from Under the Sycamore. I didn't have black headbands like she used, but I did have black 1/4" elastic and it worked great!

I was a another fun birthday. We had the giant bouncy house up which the kids spent most of the party in. The adults enjoyed an array of appetizers from the French Onion Soup Stuffed Mushrooms, Loaded Baked Potato Dip, Mini Caprese Bites, fresh veggies with garlic hummus, garlic stuffed olives. After all that delicious food, we BBQ'd, enjoyed a few cocktails and had fun chatting and spending time with our amazing friends.

Good friends and good food...sometimes I think it doesn't get any better.

Custom headband by Little Lady Accessories

Crown sandwich cutter from The Lunch Punch

Princess theme printables by SIMONEmadeit

Eye patch tutorial from Under the Sycamore.


amy (fearless homemaker) said...

happy birthday to your little darling - she looks so sweet! i absolutely love the princess theme, too - i would have LOVED that as a little girl! what a great mom + party planner you are. =)

House Of Aqua said...

The party turned out great, I love how you created everything and the sweet treats look fabulous! Happy 5th!

Veronica Lee said...

WOW!! Looks like an awesome party!

Happy Birthday to your gorgeous princess!

Glad you're back in action again! Missed ya, my fave bloggy pally!

princess said...

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