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Friday, January 15, 2010

FML Friday

It's that time again, the time to get a good chuckle and maybe make you feel just a little better about our own lives. Copied from one of my fav sites FML: Your everyday life stories, here ya go....

Today, I went for a ride with my son. I noticed he didn't have his seat belt on. To teach him a lesson, I drove very slowly and hit the brakes really hard. The impact was greater than I thought, so my son hit his head against the window and left a huge crack. He just laughed. FML

Today, I was working with the kid I babysit for. We were out and he complained that he was hungry. I spent my very last $2 on chicken nuggets for him and a coffee for myself. Just as I sat down, he knocked over my coffee, spilling it into his chicken nuggets. Then he cried for over an hour. FML

Today, I checked my Facebook notifications to see that someone likes my new single status. My ex. FML

Today, I went to my doctor to get my x-ray results. Turns out, I have a fractured spine and a chip of my spine has moved. Now I'm in a neck brace because my dad didn't think it was serious, and told me to "suck it up princess." FML

Today, my teacher compared the female reproductive system to Shrek's head. Never again will I be able to watch the movies. FML

Today, I was dissecting a pig for my anatomy class. The smell of four day-old dead pig caused me to faint. My mom drove me home and warmed me up some left overs for lunch. It was pork chops. FML

Today, while at work at a maternity and baby clothes store, I was supposed to send out an email about our "Beat the Clock" sale. After it was sent to over 500 people, I realized that I'd misspelled the subject line. It read, "Beat the Cock Sale." FML

Today, my four-year-old daughter thought it'd be funny to cut my hair while I was sleeping. FML

Today, my daughter learned that if she rips a toy out of its package in front of a store employee, mommy will be forced to buy it. She now has two new toys today. FML

Today, I realized why my bathroom has been smelling so bad. My 10 year old son has been peeing on the radiator thinking it was fun to watch it steam and sizzle. FML



Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day, I greatly appreciate it, and now I'm here to spread the comment-love!

Lothiriel said...

LOL!! these are funny!

Your son peeing on the radiator to watch it sizzle is freaking hilarious!

Eric said...

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Mrs. M said...

FML is too funny! Thanks for sharing these little tidbits!! :)

Regina said...

OK let me try this again..I can't stop laughing long enough to see to type a comment...LOVED these!!!

Hugs from a fellow SITSta!!!

Patty said...

Laughing is a great way to start the weekend. Thanks.

Michelle @Flying Giggles said...

Thanks for the laugh...too funny!


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