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***NOTICE: Please bare with me while I reload ALL the images that was deleted in a Blogger/Google+ fiasco. All images from the past 3 years have been deleted and it will take me awhile to reload everything and get my blog back to it's original state. Thank you for your patience! ***

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Chicken Came Back...

...the very next day ohhh, the chick came back, I thought he was a goner but the chick came back, he just could not stay away, away, away, no..no..no.
Okay so the song is about a cat but still :)

Thank you to Jennifer from Moms On The Go for passing on the Zombie Chicken Award to me!! I found the cutest game on her site that I know my girls will love...got to have it! Check it out...Party Games For Kids.


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