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Monday, January 19, 2009

Farbenmix Anna

I finished it. I found this Cord at Joann's several months ago and was not sure what to do with it, until now. I love the bright colors, I think it's perfect for Valentines Day. Unfortunately I was only able to make C her dress...I thought I had bought 2 yards of each fabric, but no, only 1 yard so I will have to make M her dress later. Maybe i'll go scout the Valentines fabrics tomorrow :)

This pattern is excellent for beginners, just make sure to really look at the pattern and trace the correct lines for the size. I used size 98/104 (3-4T) I never add seam allowances for my patterns because C is so tiny, (a true bean poll) but it is recommended if you have a "normal" child to add the allowances. This dress is still a little large on her, but that just means she will get to ware it forever...and when it's too short, it will transform into a cute top with appliqued jeans!


tichat said...

She s very nice. Look so cute Love what you done .

Mommyof2girlz/StephD said...

Thanks tichat! I love visiting your blog....I can't speak/read French, but I like to look at the pics...haha


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