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Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm Ready...I Think. Giveaway to Start Weds!

Okay so as much as I love the cold, I'm already sort of over it. I guess thinking of being in Southern California in 2 months is making me dream of the warmer weather. So on that note, I am doing my first Giveaway!!! The Giveaway will be posted this Weds and be open until Friday 1800 (EST). Friday night I will have C randomly pick a name from the bowl and will post the winner 1000 (EST) Saturday morning. It is open to all! So be sure to check back Weds for the Giveaway and more details.

Until then, I couldn't resist not making M the Anna dress too. I was not able to get to the store to look for fabric (like I really need more), so I went through my stash and I pulled out this cute Plaid Corduroy and a soft almost suede like green/gray to coordinate with it. Paired it with her jeans since it was cold and off we went.



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