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***NOTICE: Please bare with me while I reload ALL the images that was deleted in a Blogger/Google+ fiasco. All images from the past 3 years have been deleted and it will take me awhile to reload everything and get my blog back to it's original state. Thank you for your patience! ***

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Oy Vey!

As usual this house is busy. I have not been able to "chat" in awhile, I am currently in the middle of finishing up a quilt for a customer made from her daughters baby clothes. It's turning out adorable! Plus still dealing with my sickness...some days are good, some days..not so much. Has anyone ever had to have their esophagus expanded? Sounds fun right..haha. So that is what I get to look forward to next week.

Sneak peak into my next projects. I am going to make my girls matching Valentines Day dresses out of this colorful Cord I picked up a while ago....and what pattern will I use?????

Farbenmix Anna

I can't wait to get started! After I make the girls their dresses, i'm going to make some more outfits to sell on my site. The past week has been great, i've sold several outfits along with alot of my other items. Just when I was starting to wonder if I could make this business go anywhere, people are responding. So thank you to my customers and my blog readers...you keep me smiling.

Oh! One more piece of info. I am going to do a Giveaway to say thanks. Not sure what i'll giveaway yet or when exactly I will be doing this, but I will keep you all posted!!



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