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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

First Day Of The Rest Of Her Life

Today my first born beautiful daughter went off to Preschool. I have been preparing her for the idea off me having to drop her off and her having to deal with this totally new situation all by herself. She has never been in daycare and only a few times have we ever left her with a babysitter and even then the "babysitter" was always a great friend that we trust immensely. Other than that my girls have always been with my husband or I. They are very socialized, we have always been involved in playgroups and things like that but I have always been in her line of sight.

So today was a totally out of her comfort zone kinda day and she did great her teacher said, didn't even shed a tear when I left the room. I'm so proud of her, she is really growing up. I'm kinda proud of myself too. I thought I would get choked up and might take it hard at first as I watched her walk away from me....but then I remembered the day I had with her just yesterday and I was ready to get this thing started!



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