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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Can Mommy Hide?

Sometimes I wish I could play hid n' seek with my kids and they would not search for me. Hubby has been gone the last couple of days and that's always when the girls think they have liberty to act the fools. However I got a lucky brake a few hours ago when hubby called to let me know he was on his way home tonight instead of tomorrow! Wahoo for mommy, pass me the wine!

I did however get some orders done today and ready to mail out and finally finished the outfit I started a few days ago. It turned out cute I think, and because it is made from fleece of course it is so super soft. Sad part is I made the top to fit my 13 month old and not only is it a tad big on her, but it fits my 3yr old even better! I have very petite girls, trying to keep weight on my eldest is always a challenge... granted their parents aren't 6'3" super models either. :p

The pattern was very easy and I only made a few changes. The back of the dress top calls for a zipper and I was loathing doing it so while talking to my girlfriend on the phone she made the comment about using a button instead. Fantastic idea! I went though my stash of random buttons and found a perfect match for the print. Also instead of cuffing the sleeve because it's fleece I left it alone. I figured since this is big on her now, it will definitely grow with her until even next winter and I didn't want the sleeves to be too short next year.


***Sharon*** said...

That button is PERFECT! And no...you can't hide. I've tried it.


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