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Monday, June 10, 2013

Hello Kitty Ice Cream Social Birthday Party

This past Saturday was my C's 8th birthday party! I can not believe how fast 8 years have just flown by and even more I can not believe she is almost as tall as me already..lol. Normally I take a few months to plan and purchase items for the girls parties but this year I had only two weeks..eek! C could not decide on a theme for this year, she kept going back to the Candy Shoppe theme we did last year.

Finally she decided on a birthday smashup..Hello Kitty and Ice cream, sounds like a good mix to me! With only two weeks to plan this party, my first stop was of course Pinterest for ideas!

Sugar cones stuffed with cotton candy and formed into an ice cream top. Wrapped in cone shaped bags.

I saw a Pin about ice cream cone cupcakes which were adorable but with my time, I needed something similar. So I took the cone idea and instead of baking cupcakes in them, I stuffed glazed cake doughnut holes inside. I then piped vanilla frosting to look like a soft serve and topped with sprinkles. They were a hit!!!

From Etsy I ordered these adorable Ice Cream Party Printables from Little Apples Design. They were the perfect match in color and style for our theme.

Party setup. This is why the girls have been wanting the birthday parties at home, because we have access to the best bouncy ever!

C sun bathing, waiting for her guests.

Surprise, here comes M!

C got many presents from her wonderful friends but the one I loved the most was from my girlfriend Mandy of Little Lady Accessories. She knows how much I adore her handmade items so she made C this stunning infinity scarf and matching headband.

Apparently with all the kids running around, bouncing, swinging, screaming and high on sugar someone called the popo. Just kidding! My girlfriends husband is a State Trooper and my girls adore him. He couldn't make the party because he was on duty but being the sweetheart he is, he stopped by to say hello and wish C a happy birthday..awww.

It was a fabulous party! C had a great time and her friends had a blast as well. Could not ask for a better day then this!


Unknown said...

Stephanie, looks amazing!! What wonderful memories you are making for your daughter and family!!

Cecilia said...

You put together a lovely party this year again! Everything was beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Looks like an awesome party!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what an awesome party!! Would you like to throw me one?! Ha ha, I'm loving your makeshift cupcake cones, they look so much like real ice cream! Well done.

Jenny said...

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