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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Boy & His Lunch {blog feature}

Sew Fierce Boutique has been so busy lately. I am thrilled to have the work and love creating all these wonderful custom orders but something has to suffer. The first thing that gets neglected is my blog. I love blogging and checking in on all my favorite but looks like until the holiday season is done, I will be not be able to post like normal. So until then, I have decided to feature some of my bento BFF's. If you liked my bento posts you will really like meeting my friends. I know you will love them and find so many inspiring fun food creations for your kids.

My first feature is A Boy & His Lunch, a beautiful family from Alabama. "What got you interested in bento? I've always believed that pretty food tastes better. I've worked in restaurants, and I always tried to make everyone's food the way I would want mine. Customers noticed! At the sandwich shop I worked at in high school, I had regular customers who would wait for me to be available to make their food because I went out of my way to make sure their food was made neatly and the toppings were spread evenly. Then I became friends with Kandice. She had this album full of cute, healthy lunches for her daughter on her Facebook. Foods I would have never THOUGHT about eating as a child. But it made sense: present healthy food in a way that makes it fun for the kid, and they're a lot more likely to eat it! "

I hope you will stop by and visit A Boy & His Lunch and see all the super yummy lunches and muffin tins she creates :)

A Boy & His Lunch


Pieced Brain Quilt Designs said...

Yummy! Wish someone would prepare these lunches for me! Do they also make A Quilter & Her Lunch??? :-)


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