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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I Made It Myself Bento

Since the last day of school on June 1st we have been running and I am not sure exactly why. I thought summer vacation meant relaxing, sleeping in, not making plans just flying by the seat of your pants. Well apparently this is true if your a child, for parents, summer vacation means constant movement.

Yesterday I decided there would be no running around, no playdates, nothing. I am working on some new dresses for my shop and needed to put aside the time to do it. My girls are so fabulous and getting really self sufficient. C as the older sister loves to make M toast and pour her milk. While I work they play wonderfully together and have become slightly addicted to the old school Mario Brother's. You know, the original version from the 80's! I downloaded it to our Wii and they just love it!

So while I worked and they played Mario Brother's and soon lunch crept up on us. They came into my work room and ask if they could make their own bento's. A little hesitant about the mess that was about to be made, I said okay and let them have full reign over my neatly organized bento stash. A few minutes later they came to me with their creations!

Packed in their Easy Lunchboxes they made their own shaped and colored sami's. C did a patriotic star with flag markings and M did a crown lunch punch and a mosaic color pattern. They used only one pick each (which surprised me) and then filled the extra compartments with yummies. I have to say I am pretty impressed with my girls. They are growing up so fast and becoming fiercely independent. What happen to my babies?

Bento Lunch


anniebakes said...

Oh my gosh are these cute!! (the meals too) anne

Veronica Lee said...

They did a great job!

Missed ya, Steph!

amy (fearless homemaker) said...

wow, I am SO impressed - they did a great job with their bentos! hope that your summer is going well, friend! and that you get more relaxation + down-time soon, too. =)

Nancy C said...

I was looking at some of the bento kits on Amazon and some of them are so cute -- even for adults. :)

Amy of While Wearing Heels said...

How incredibly sweet. Looks like 2 little ones want to grow up to be like their mamma!

cecilethinks said...

ENVIOUS! that's how i felt when i saw your bento organizer and what are contained within each drawer! Oh my! It's hard to find those cutters and molders and the picks! I just started this school year 'coz of my daughter who I want to eat more of her lunch. Very nice blog! Keep on posting! :)


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