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Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Busy Start To Summer {sewing}

This is why my blogging posts have been very few and far between since summer started...I have been sewing! It feels good to get my sewing mojo back, it has been awhile. My latest works come by way of SweetKid3's patterns. Sweetkid3 contacted me a few weeks back about working together. They found my Etsy store and really liked my use of fabrics and my photography. They proposed their patterns in exchange for modeled pictures....ummm, heck yes!

This dress is for sale in my shop, Shirred Peasant Dress Size 3T/4T

So these are the first three patterns I choose and I LOVE them! Such cute patterns for sweet little girls! After all the photos were released to them, we decided to keep our new partnership and I choose another 3 patterns that I will start working on next week...can't wait!

Also keeping us busy is M was booked by Beautiful Butterfly Boutique to model 10 different Princess Clippies! It took us a while to shoot, but they all turned out awesome and BBB is very happy, yay! As soon as I get the go ahead from the boutique, I will share all those with you :)


Sue W. said...

I have got to learn how to sew! Beautiful girls, gorgeous dresses!

Veronica Lee said...

WOW! Do I see a Heidi Klum in the making!!

Fantabulous girls and dresses, Steph!


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