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Monday, September 26, 2011

Look, Up In The Sky!

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's....our neighbors? To our surprise we learned last week that one of our neighbors has a hot air balloon. My husband had went out to the patio to talk on the phone and all of the sudden he started screaming, "balloon, get your camera". "Girls come quick". Really I thought? A balloon? You want me to stop what I am doing for a balloon? I almost ignored him, but the tone in his voice was something I hadn't quite heard before.

So I grab the camera, and slowly made my way outside. I step off the patio, turn toward the woods and BAM! There is a freakin hot air balloon in my backyard! As our neighbor and his passengers floated through our backyard, my girls squealed with excitement. Wildly waving and jumping up and down to catch the passerby's attention.

As they floated closer to the house you could see the open flame and hear the load roar. They were coming in lower and lower, closer and closer to our house. My husband actually questioned out loud, "are they landing in our backyard?" I laughed.

Our neighbor yelled out "hello" and we yelled back.  "We are out for one more ride, before the rain comes", he said. Wow, to be able to say that, how spectacular. "Hey honey, wanna take the hot air balloon out before it rains?"...lol

They passed right by the east side of our home. We watched them come in for a landing in an open spot in the woods in front of our house. Lower, lower, lower they disappeared into the woods. What an amazing site! Definitely not what I expected to see when we moved here.


Veronica Lee said...

OMG!!! How cool is that?? Perhaps, they'll invite you for a ride next time! What an amazing neighbourhood!

Great pics, Steph!


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