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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Her First School Bus & Bentos

Last Weds C took her first bus to school. I was so nervous for her, but I knew 1) that the older neighbor girls would take good care of her and 2) when she said goodbye....oh wait, that's right, she didn't. The bus pulled up to our corner and with no "goodbye", "love ya mom" or even a glance backwards at me standing there, she was on the bus and gone. While it broke my heart just a little, I was so happy for her new found independence.

So for her 2nd day riding the bus (Thursday) I made her a school bus sami with cheesy details. Carrots and "Scooby snacks", black grapes and tomato balloons round out her Easy Lunchboxes container.

Friday's lunch was an autumn leaf sami, pumpkin carrot mini muffin, melon, tomatoes and ABC cookies.

To start of this weeks lunches C had a fun elephant sami with a carrot water spout. Tomatoes, pumpkin carrot mini muffin, melon and mini Halloween shortbread cookies. 


Keeley McGuire said...

Adorable! :)
I understand about the new found independence - chokes you up but so wonderful for them at the same time!
I should try to make some of your pumpkin carrot muffins, I think my Little Miss would really like them. Thanks for sharing!

amy (fearless homemaker) said...

aww, adorable! sorry your heart broke a little, but that's so understandable. good for her being so brave + independent, though!

Carma Sez said...

first day on the bus - big step!! I still remember my son going off to kindergarten on the big scary bus.

Your kids classmates have got to be envious of the awesome lunches you pack. My son does not have that problem :D no one would want to trade

Jenni Price said...

I'm feeling your mommy pain here...it's so hard to start letting your kids do things by themselves. I'm struggling too....in fact I found myself crying after I had to leave my son after I visited him at lunch recently. Thankfully he didn't know!

I enjoyed seeing your bentos this week! Nice job! How did you make the tomato balloons?

In answer to your blog question, I just put up a section on my blog for art prints. Thanks for asking and for your encouragement!

Veronica Lee said...

Awww! Been there!! I cried when I visited Josh during recess on his first day of school! When Hubby came to check on us, he asked me if Josh was okay and the mom sitting next to me said to my hubby, "Your son is okay but your wife is not!" LOL!

Purabi Naha said...

I love bentos. It is so popular here in HK!! Lot to learn from you on this front!


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