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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Halloween Cake Pops

I made my first cake pops! It's only been like what, a few years since I first wanted to try..lol Well I finally did it! I actually became motivated because I wanted to do something special for the neighbor girls. A little something to say "thank you", for watching over C during her first week on the school bus.

They were actually a lot easier and did not take as much time as I originally thought. I think for my first go around they turned out pretty good. No exactly perfectly round or perfectly dipped, but they are super tasty! And really, that is what counts the most right?

The only piece of equipment I did not have was a Styrofoam block. So I looked around and got inventive. I used my cooking rack which was perfect because of the individual little squares and a piece of sticky mat. You know that stuff you put under your rug or in the cabinets to keep stuff from slipping? It works awesome for cake pops too!

Since it is autumn (slash) fall (slash) Halloween, I went with the vanilla flavored orange melts and deviled food cake, so it's super chocolaty. The pops are topped with purple, green and black sprinkles. I wanted to actually draw jack 'o lantern faces on them...but my food coloring pen wouldn't work, oh well. I think they still rock!


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