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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sewing Room Redesign, Stage2 - Paint

We finally put paint to wall this weekend. It did not go as smoothly as the other rooms in this house we recently have done. Poor hubby wrecked his ankle on Thursday. I mean like swollen 5 sizes bigger than normal and changing colors.

On Saturday I set out to do this job myself since he was injured. I soon realized I am not a painter...at least not by myself. I rely on hubby a lot when it comes to this, probably because he was a house painter in his younger years. He usually masks everything off, does the cut in and paints the lid (ceiling). My job is to roll the walls...simple. Well when left to my own devices it doesn't work well.

About 45 minutes into it, hubby comes limping in and grabs a brush. Obviously I told him not to, but secretly I was glad for the help. I was so exhausted from yelling obscenities at the walls, paint stick, tape, rollers, ect... and I think hubby was tired of hearing it (and I do not blame him). So with his help we knocked it out and I am so excited. I think I want to sleep on the floor in my new beautiful room tonight...lol


Blue walls with sponge white texture and dark blue ceiling and trim.

My cluttered office area

Wall color..blah!

Time to paint!!!! 

Even the girls got into it.

1 primer coat and 2 color coats later.......


Right now this is the only section that is staged and it is my favorite. I spray painted my thread racks Cherry Red...love! I have my super yummy cupcake Scentsy warmer from my girlfriend Jenn. She is a Scentsy consultant and if you haven't seen this warmer yet, you have to check it out! Of course it is filled with cupcake melts. It smells divine!

On a side note, last week hubby came walking in from work and right away went to the kitchen to look for cupcakes...lol I had to explain it was my warmer and he was a little sad. He said the house smelled like fresh made cupcakes and it made him hungry :)

This print is from my sister Lisa in CA, it has moved many places with me and now it has the perfect spot.

What's Next????

Hubby is going to make a L shaped table..one side for the sewing machine and other side for my serger. Also 3 tiered shelving for all my jars of notions and what nots.

Along with the shelving will be a hanging dowel rod for my ribbons. Obviously I am not a Photoshop artist, but I tried..lol

This nook is where I have been storing my tubs of fabric. Here we will build a floating desk top for my laptop with shelving above for all my books, shipping stuff, business cards, ect. The clothing amour (you can barely see) has 3 sections each with it's own door. Soon each one of these sections will not be filled with winter blankets and misc stuff, but an awesome shelving unit for all my fabric!

So there you have it, stage 2 is complete. It will probably be a month or so before I can get to the table and shelving but I do not mind. I am just glad to have happier, brighter colors to inspire me.


House Of Aqua said...

Love the new paint color, looks amazing! I have seen the white, red, and blue color combinations for rooms in magazines and it looks good!

***Sharon*** said...

BAM!!! Look at that color!!! Totally POPS! I freakin' LOVE IT!!!!


Mommy to ♥Pickle and SugarPlum♥ said...

It's really coming together nicely! I can't wait to see the finished project! That is a beautiful shade of blue! Very uplifting!

amy (fearless homemaker) said...

i love the 'after'! also, i am sewww (ha!) jealous of your sewing room. i taught myself to sew a few years back but we live in a small home + don't really have an extra room, so i normally just sew at the dining room table. blah! how i'd love a room like this!!

Carma Sez said...

well done - love your choice of color :-)

D.D. said...

Nice color. Looking forward to seeing the finished product! You have a great blog.


Veronica Lee said...

Well done!! Totally love the shade of blue! Great choice!

cookies and cups said...

That is so great! What an awesome room to have :)


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