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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

We're Going To Party! T-minus 15 days!!!

It's my birthday...we're gonna party like it's my birthday....

Actually it's not my birthday but it is almost our 3 year Blogiversary! I can not believe it, it really snuck up on me. I guess with the moving and everything, it just slipped my mind. That was until I glanced at the little ticker on my blog and saw it. Where has the time gone? Over these years I am just in awe of all the talented wonderful bloggers I have had the opportunity to know, in real life and online. With out the support of all you lovely people, I would have given up on this awhile ago, but you keep me going. I love this little slice of life I have here and I love that I get to share it with you.

Soooooo, to celebrate not just my Blogiversary, but all you wonderful people who have been and are the best  followers ever, let's talk about a party! Of course there must be cupcakes, balloons, streamers...and GIVEAWAYS!

That's right, we can't have a party with no prizes, not in my house! So be ready in 15 days to help us celebrate our 3 years, and enter to win some awesome prizes from Sew Fierce Boutique (of course), Happy Hapa and Easy Lunch Boxes!!


Veronica Lee said...

Happy Blogiversary! You're one of my fave bloggy pallies and I love, love, love your blog!

Ooo! A party!! Can't wait!

Carma Sez said...

can't wait!!!


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