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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cabinet Full Of Vintage

I found a set of 3 Pyrex Amish Butterprint bowls at the local antique store and knew right away this was going to be yet another obsession. Isn't it a fabulous print, and my perfect kitchen colours! The two smaller square bowls I found on Etsy last month.

Then last week I found a set of beautiful glasses. Come to find out they are 1/2 pint sour cream glasses (most likely) made by Hazel Atlas circa 1930-40's. The bowl to the left of the glass is a  Fire King cottage cheese tulip bowl. Sour cream glasses and cottage cheese bowls...how cool!

 In the background is a Fire King Blue Heaven loaf pan circa 1970.

This is a mixing bowl made by Federal Glass circa 1950. I loved the fruit design.

So that is a few things I have displayed in my china cabinet right now. I actually found the cabinet in the same antique store as most of these finds. It's is mahogany circa 1940 and still has the original skeleton key for the hutch doors. It fits in perfectly with the rest of the dinning furniture. 


Veronica Lee said...

Great finds, Steph!

My mom still has a Pyrex Amish Butterprint bowl!! Thanks for posting this. I've never given it much thought until I read this!

***Sharon*** said...

LOVE!! Makes me miss all the antique shops in my dad's town! Can't find things like that around here! LUCKY YOU!

Unknown said...

Those are gorgeous! I've never seen that color in person before. Such great finds!
I recently found some in the something Friendship something something (I'm new to vintage Pryex...can't remember the name!) but it's orange and red with roosters. Love this stuff!

House Of Aqua said...

I'm jealous! That is my favorite color of blue and those pieces are beautiful! Are they all recent finds?

Jordanadan said...

I have the large bowl...never knew the name of the pattern! I use that bowl all the time and threaten my kids when they are washing it!!!! Love your collection


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