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Monday, July 11, 2011

Our Country Garden - 1 Month Check In

It has been month since I first posted pictures of our lets see if we can do this garden! The girls are having a blast watching everything grow, seeing new blooms, and are anxiously waiting until they can start harvesting. Here is the update!

Tomatoes from C's Topsy Turvy........

Hubby's pepper plants.....



From the garden......

Snacking Bell Peppers

Lots of blossoms on the Crook Neck Squash plants

And guess what! We have horseradish growing wild out side the garden and today I found another plant had just sprung from the ground. I LOVE horseradish so I am very excited!!!


corina said...

Those squash blossoms are so very pretty! My husband is a fan of horseradish and I too was excited when I found some growing when we bought the house. Just a word of caution - it spreads like wildfire! I found out too late that I should put a barrier in the ground to prevent it spreading. Now I have enough horseradish to feed an army!

Lisa Ho said...

you have green fngers... :D

I wish I could have a fruitfly free vegetable patch... these little destroyer are rampant here in OZ.. I have to put up nettings...*sigh*

Veronica Lee said...

Lovely shots as always, Steph! Sadly, I don't have green fingers! Even my cactus died on me!

Happy Tuesday, sweetie!

Emily said...

I love gardens!! So awesome.


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