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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fresh Strawberries From The Garden!

We have our first yummy treat from the garden. Today is a much cooler day then the past few so I decided to go out and do some weeding. P.S. not a fan of weeding, already thinking of next years garden...maybe an elevated box, laying down that no weed tarp thing, hmmm? Anyways, I noticed one of the three strawberry plants actually had red, ripe berries on them, but I was confused. They didn't look like the the big berries I buy in the store, they were wicked small. Now when I say small, I mean small. The largest was as big as a quarter and the smallest was the size of a dime! The hands holding the berries is my youngest M whom is almost 4 yrs old. So you can see in her tiny hands they actually look large..lol

Regardless of size, the girls and I enjoyed the little morsel's which were both sweet and tangy. We enjoyed them most of all because they came from our backyard and when we were done C turns to me and says "mommy you grow the best garden ever" and M quickly agreed. Gotta love those girls. I can not wait to see what we harvest next. I see a few tomatoes are becoming nice and red and the jalapenos are pretty close....I envision fresh salsa very soon :)


Veronica Lee said...

I love strawberries but too bad they don't grow here except in the highlands.I can't wait to see what you'll harvest next!

Yiran said...

Grocery store strawberries, and grapes for that matter, are often "enhanced" to grow bigger so as to better attract buyers. Long story short, plant hormones, which aid in cell division (thereby promoting growth), are introduced (in larger amounts than would naturally be found in a plant). I don't remember which type of hormone is used - it's either cytokins or gibberellins. - Yiran

Carma Sez said...

it is very difficult to get those store - size strawberries. My husband has been growing them for years - and they are still pretty small - and rather bitter but he doesn't think so ;-)


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