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Friday, January 21, 2011

Surfs Up Bento & DelMar

Running late this morning but knew I wanted to do something that had to do with the pictures I shot yesterday. So a made a surf board..or attempted to make a surf board...lol C seemed to like it and thought it was "cute".

Below are some pictures from Del Mar yesterday....


Wang Han Yang said...

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Thank you!!Wang Han Pin(王翰彬)
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Happy Little Bento said...

Oooh, you will be making quite a few people envious with these pictures... including me!

House Of Aqua said...

Beautiful photos of Del Mar! I live to see your creativity flow with your bento box lunches. I will be referring back to this when I begin packing Alexa's lunches this fall for Kindergarten.

Semper Fi Momma said...

HA! I love the surf board. That is great, and the pictures are awesome! Such a talent you have :)

shelley said...

hey steph,
what great pictures you take! i saw you have a bloggy boot camp button on your sidebar... did you go? i went to the one in philly.. it was great! i'd really like to get to blogger this year, i learned a ton! don't know if you follow the sitsblogfrog but i'm doing a 31dbbb on there starting pretty soon if you want to jump on board.. anyhow, so enveous of your gret weather in ca! here in md it is freezing! uhhh


CharB said...

Awesome pictures... making me miss Cali! Following you from the Mrs. Stop on by and check us out:

Veronica Lee said...

Such awesome pics, Steph! You're amazing!


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