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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Bento #15 - Jacks Family

Today C has a party at school so she did not need a lunch but M still did. So for her I made a family of jack o'lantern sami's with Veggie Crunchers in the main box. These veggie crunchers from Trader Joe's are awesome! They are real sliced veggies that are vacuum cooked and are so tasty. Sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, taro and green beans! The girls think they are getting some cool chips but really they are eating veggies they normally wouldn't touch. In the second box is grapes, baby carrots with hummus and a pumpkin baby bell cheese.

All this is packed into my new bento box I got while on my birthday shopping spree at Marukai Tuesday. The cool thing about this too is that it matches the awesome new box and accessories I just got from Deb at Hapa Bento yesterday! Last week I won her consolation prize for her giveaway. With all the wonderful stuff she sent me, you'd link I won the grand prize! Thanks again Deb!


Glory said...

That's so cute. I want a Nori punch Soooo Bad.

***Sharon*** said...

I was just going to say, "I guess you already have the nori punch with the face cut outs!" Glad I didn't pick that one up for you! ;)

Kelly Polizzi said...

Yay, theres my song! I just love that every time i come onto your page I hear it haha. Thanks!

These are really cute bentos. Love the faces on the pumpkins, so cute!

Kids Dream Work said...

What a lovely family of Jacks and you even crafted the babybel! :D

Veronica Lee said...

Cute as always, Steph!

Missed ya, sweet lady!!


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