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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Growing Up Halloween

One of the best things about Halloween and frankly all the holidays is being able to look back on the previous years and see how your kids have grown up. Today as I went through the past pictures it hit me like a ton of bricks just how much my girls have changed.

- - - - - - Halloween 2007 - - - - - 

C (2 yrs) was a Pirate..arrrrrg

M was 3 months old

 -- - - - - - Halloween 2008 - - - - - 

Ciera (3 yrs) was a princess

M was 15 months old

- -- - - - -Halloween 2009 - - - -- - 

C (4 yrs) was Cinderella and M (2 yrs) was Little Red Riding Hood

- - - - -  - Halloween 2010 - - - - -- 

C (now 5 yrs) is Barbie Fashionista

M (now 3 yrs) is Snow White

And if that wasn't cute enough and you need another dose, checkout the Hello Kitty Witch I carved yesterday afternoon!

  M 's Smily jack, C's Scary jack and my Kitty jack carved last week.



CailinMarie said...

awe- Happy Halloween to you too! Your little flash back is so sweet! I love all the pretty princesses they have chosen to be.

Unknown said...

I love the flashback!!! So cute...and omgosh the Hello Kitty pumpkin!!

Lia Chen said...

Happy Halloween for you and your family! Love to see all your kids' Halloween pictures. They both look alike, so pretty! And your pumpkins are totally awesome!

tata | bonitafood said...

Love to see your adorable girls in their Halloween costumes :D. And your works on those pumpkin are stunning :D

Veronica Lee said...

Love the flashback! The pumpkins are awesome!

Happy Halloween!

Angeleyes said...

Nice memories of the past!
And your HK pumpkin rocks!

Happy Halloween!!

Kids Dream Work said...

Happy Halloween!!
Love the Hello Kitty Witch you crafted! And also the photo of C in Barbie Fashionista, you sew that? Nice!


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