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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sew Fierce on Vacation

Yesterday I finished a 3 outfit order for Ang at Mommy PR. Not only is she just the sweetest but I am so excited for her because her hubby came home safely from his deployment..wahoo! So now that this order is complete Sew Fierce is taking the summer off. I promised my girls more trips to the beach, Sea World, Legoland and wherever else they want to go this summer. I'm thinking I may have signed my life away...lol

I am very pleased with how these outfits came out, I feel very accomplished after this order for some reason. Maybe because for the first time I had to make my own pattern for the "The Dress That Mice Made". I am not a pattern maker, I love buying patterns and using them, but the one I bought to use as the base turned out to be crap and because of that I had to completely tear down the dress.... twice! So I used all my "knowledge" of clothing construction I have learned and got it made. It is perfect, I could not be more proud.

"The Dress That Mice Made"

"Ariel's Dream"

"Tink's Princess Corset"

Have fun at Disneyland Ang, your daughter is going to totally fit in with all the Princesses wearing these outfits. Can't wait to see pictures!!



muffintinmom said...

you are WICKED talented.

Pam Bowers said...

Gorgeous. Have a great summer!

Mommy PR said...

i loveeee them :D Thank you thank you thank you!!

Unknown said...

How dare you show us all this cuteness and then go on break! I love it, that Sleeping Beauty dress is awesome. I'll have make sure I bug you about that next year as spring approaches.

***Sharon*** said...

Oh Steph! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful (as always!)


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