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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Quick On The Go Bento Snack Boxes

C's Snack Box

M's Snack Box

My Veggie Snack Box

Quick and easy on the go snack boxes for the girls and I. I was so excited by the new Hello Kitty stamps bought last week I just had to use them!

They didn't come out as perfect as I would have liked but the girls still loved them and I think next time it will be better looking...and it was fun! So we as always were on the go and this was our little quick fire snack boxes and it worked perfectly to tide us over until we got home.

A few weeks ago my girlfriend Michelle from Muffin Tin Mom had come over for a visit and she had mentioned she was going to our new favorite store Marukai. She asked if I needed anything and as usual my head was spinning...but I settled on needing a bento box for myself. I have several for the girls...even one for hubby but not for myself! Well this girl can shop and came knocking on my door with the most perfect box. Not only was it the best size for me, but it matched one I had bought M a few months ago...yay!

Outside of M's Bento Box

My New Bento Box

How perfect is that? She had no clue I bought a similar one for M so it was pretty cool when she came over with it. Thanks again Michelle you rock!!!


Be Brave, Keep Going said...

I love to shop and shopping for friends is even more fun! And really, any excuse to go to Marukai.....LOL.

You are amazing friend steph, thank you for who you are in my life. And it is hard to believe we met through our blogs. :)

Anonymous said...

Those Hello Kitty cookie/sandwich stamps are so cute! Very sweet bento boxes! :)

Shannon said...

I am just loving these.

And someday I am coming to visit you & Michelle to go shopping. That is all.


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