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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mommy Bento #8

So...looks like I have resorted back to my diet. I say "diet" and "resorted back to" because I never know what will trigger me to start my small obsession with restricting and counting calories. However this time I do realize it and I am trying to be way better and way healthier about it. I can not let my self become so controlled by myself that I shake, sweat and have a brake down at the very thought of eating more than 300 calories a day.

Thinking healthy, thinking healthy...it's okay, it's okay.

So for this lunch I have (now this is how I brake down everything...just a little insist into me you never knew about...lol)

2 oz cucumber, raw = 7cals
2 oz spinach, raw = 13 cals
0.5 oz Gorgonzola = 50 cals
1 Tbsp Light dressing = 12 cals
4 oz grapes = 78 cals (originally I had 5 oz of grapes but after seeing the cal count I took out an oz)
5.7 oz Mahi Mahi grilled = 150 cals

Total = 310

So with my breakfast of 1/2c egg beaters = 60, 3oz watermelon = 26 and 1 oz cantaloupe = 10... my total for the day so far is 406

That is amazingly good for me. I am over 300 cals and the day is not done yet...baby steps, baby steps. And I have to say that using my Easy Lunch Boxes containers for my food has not always been convenient, but doesn't it look like there is a TON of food packed in that thing? It's a good trick of the mind and I love it. Wow, I am stuffed!


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