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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday C!! Bento too!

Happy Birthday

Today C turns 5!!!

Last night after dinner C and I sat down to make her story board for school today. It a compilation of pictures over the past 5 years we "present" her board to her class on her birthday. Very cute idea. So as we were doing her board last night I was in awe of watching her grow for a second time through these pictures. Time really does fly by and that is a little scary.

Just so happens that today in her classroom is dress up day...Superheroes and Princesses is the theme. Ciera thought it was so cool that her class was dressing up for "her birthday"...lol Of course C dressed like her favorite princess Cinderella.

For her bento lunch I was thinking of a princess crown or pumpkin carriage to go with her themed dress, but she said no...she wanted hearts...again. Okay your the birthday girl!

* Rice with fruit roll up "5" & cheesy heart sandwiches
* Heart shaped melon and apples with flower carrots and kawaii strawberry cookies

Tonight is her party. A very small but tons of fun party at Chuck E Cheeses..pizza, games, cake and prizes..what more could a 5 year old ask for..lol


***Sharon*** said...


Happy birthday sweet girl! Momo is freaking out over all the pictures of her...."PRETTY GIRL! PRETTY GIRL!" Hope she has a great birthday!!!


Devin said...

Oh goodness! I can't believe she is 5 now. I remember when we first met few years ago it seemed like Logan was so much older than her. Funny how they are now at the age where a few months doesn't make a big difference.


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday!!! Time flies☺

Veronica Lee said...

Happy Birthday to C!! She's sooooo pretty!!

Cassie said...

Happy Birthday to her!

Birdy's Boutique said...

Happy Birthday! What a beautiful girl you have!

Jessica said...

Wow, how time flies! My little girl is now 4 months, but it seems like only yesterday that she was born!

I found you through the MBC Follow me club. I am now following.

I am still new at this blogging thing and am in need of new followers, so please follow me as well.

-Jessica a.k.a Nya's mom

tata | bonitafood said...

Happy b'day sweet C! What a happy bento to celebrate your b'day :D. Ooo... really love your 4 months old pict, adorable...... :D

Cleo said...

Happy (belated) birthday to a BEAUTIFUL princess!
GRRRRRREAT job on the lunch, Mom!!!!
BTW, bequeathed you an award.
You're just good like that! ;)
Go to my latest post to view/accept it. You've DEFINITELY earned it!

Kelly Polizzi said...

I am in awe of your bento lunches. You do such a great job!!! I'm curious about something, will she eat the rice plain? How DO you get your daughter to do this? lol


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