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Monday, June 28, 2010

Grandma's House Bento's

M's Box: PB&J Owl sami with bologna for the wings and ears, thin sliced grapes and nori for the eyes and carrot beak. String cheese and salami roll ups with carrot flowers, melon stars and an apple rabbit.

C's Box: Cheese sami music notes with carrot flowers.
Grapes melon stars and string cheese and salami roll ups.

Mommy Bento: Leftover rice and chili brisket from the night before. Spinach salad with artichoke hearts, grape tomatoes, car and flower shaped carrots and radish slices. Salad dressing stored in the adorable bunny and elephant condiment containers.

Yesterday the girls and I spent the afternoon at my grandmother's house. She is going through all her boxes of photographs so we (I) went over to help. Knowing we would be there for quite awhile I prepared the three of us lunches to take with. My grandmother got a kick out of them. Although she has Internet connection she uses it mainly for work so she doesn't get to my blog, so this was a first for her.

The girls as usual ate up all their food and I enjoyed going through all the old pictures. I found pictures of myself back in the late 70's, my mom as a toddler in the early 60's, even my grandmother as a child in the 40's. I loved seeing the old cars that today are now classics. Pictures of family members in their teens, when I have only known them in there older adult life. Pictures and memories of grandparents whom are now past.

I also now know where my love for motorcycles came from. Finding pictures of my great grandmother all suited up on the back of my great grandfathers motorcycle in the 30's. Seeing a picture of my great uncles fixing up their bike before a drag race in the early 50's...and so on down the line to me today.

I had the most amazing day of exploration into my family and my heritage and can not wait to someday share it with my girls.


Montessori For Learning said...

These are great bentos. I am definitely going to have to start doing this.... they are so colorful and fun. It is a great way to introduce new foods to my kids.

Unknown said...

Love the arrangement. Wish I had time to do that! lol

Kelly Polizzi said...

OMG love love love your creations! Love your BLOG! Thanks for always inspiring me. You are the best Mommy,

Lia Chen said...

You make so many cool bento! The owl just too cute. I'm putting your blog button on my blog if you don't mind :)

Journal Mommy Yenny said...

Love the owl...very lovely...

House Of Aqua said...

The owl is really creative and the sald looks so great. I love the little flower shaped carrots in it! I also got my ring I won in the mail last year. I will post a blog about it today, thanks!


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