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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Family Dinner Bento

Steamed green beans with red bell pepper flowers, sticky rice with carrot fishes, sliced brisket in a not to spicy, more savory chili sauce with sliced grape tomatoes and snap peas for filler. My "guitar picks" (get it) have nothing to do with this dinner but I got them while on vacation and have been dying to use them somewhere...lol

Dessert Box:

Cantaloupe hearts and stars, strawberries, grapes, blueberries, checkered apple and apple rabbits. Cool Whip is in the center flower cup for dipping...yummm!

Tonight it's just me and the girls so I thought it would be fun to make our dinner different....a family style bento. Never doing it before I thought it turned out well and C said it was the best dinner ever! I let the girls pick our their own dinner and arrange it on their separate plates, but when it was time for the dessert box we all gathered around it and dug in with our little hands and fingers. It was so much fun and the girls laughed and laughed all through dinner. C asked if we could do it again tomorrow...I said we'll see...lol

I had forgotten all about this box until a few weeks ago. Last year for my birthday our buddy "Cruzer" whom also happens to be C's God Father gave me this gorgeous lacquer 3 tier box for my birthday. He is half Japanese and is always buying me gorgeous soup bowls and table ware. So finding this box in my cabinet was perfect timing! I only used 2 tieres obviously tonight. Could not think of what to do with the other. I guess if there was more dinner quests I could have filled it. As it was the girls and I finished off both tieres with nothing to spare!!! Guess we were hungry..lol


Jen said...

what a cool dinner...no wonder it was a hit


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