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Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Muffin Tin/Bento Stash

Last weekend I mentioned I went to an awesome store that Muffin Tin Mom had told me about. It's called Marukai Value and it's a Japanese Dollar store. So I thought I would post some pictures of what I bought the other day. I did go over my budget by double but I had so much fun shopping. What is awesome too is that I use the Easy Lunch Boxes to make C's school lunches which is like Bento boxes and I use these supplies in her food containers too, she thinks it's cool.

Hubby was so impressed watching me make the tin for this weeks Muffin Tin Monday (click here if you missed it) that he told me it would be cool if I made him Bento lunches to take to work...lol Like I have the time for that, but isn't he cute.

So here is what I have so far. There is so much more I want and payday can not come fast enough!

Bento Forks/Spoons and Flag Picks

Various animals picks and Monkey "mayonnaise case" with tiny spreaders. How adorable are they? Hubby recommend using one for peanut butter and the other for jelly...he's so smart :)

Different shaped paper cups and sizes.....

Cute plastic tins and little sauce/dressing bottles

Bird and Bunny Cutters and some adorable chopsticks for the girls. When ever I use them they always want to do it too, so I bought them their own set to practice with.

So that's it for now, I can not wait to go back and find more things to buy..might even buy some real Bento boxes to have fun with :) Maybe hubby will actually get his Bento lunch..lol


My Trendy Tykes said...

Adorable! I love these finds.

Single Mom ISO said...

I love that store too!

Unknown said...

I want to go shopping there! Wow, wow! BTW I didn't enter your Sew Mama Giveaway, because I won last year...or at least I think that's the one I won the dress from. But I want to! Thought it wouldn't be really fair, but I still wanted to tell you congrats on getting so many entries☺

Jen said...

Thank you for this amazing link. I have been looking for bento items for my kids and hubby but the websites I found were really expensive.

House Of Aqua said...

I a mglad you shared your finds. My neighbor was just telling me about this place, but she couldn't remember the name. Thanks for reminding me to check it out! ~Kelly

Melissa said...

Oooh, that's my kind of shopping!!! :) Nice goodies you picked up! I'm so jealous...I know I have a lot of bento gear, but I've had to buy all of it online. I fantasize about being let loose in a real life store. Fun!

Happy bento-ing! :)


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