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Monday, May 31, 2010

Little Foal, Little Foal Bento

"It's time for bed, little foal, little foal,
I'll whisper a secret, but don't tell a soul."

(Quote from Time For Bed by Mem Fox)

This is one for my favorite pages because I would get really close to C and "whisper" the second line into her ear. She always laughs and sometimes would whisper it back..lol

* Foal quesadilla's on rice with cheese/cucumber flowers
* Cherries, grape tomatoes and flower carrots.


Jenny said...

Yum - the cherries and veggies look so pretty and healthy. My kids would freak out with excitement if they got that horse scene to eat.

Veronica Lee said...

The flowers are soooo pretty!!

Happy Tuesday Stephanie!!

Unknown said...

ER is totally mesmerized by your horses! I may have to stop letting her "read" your blog, it's making me look like a bad mom in comparisson:)


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