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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Born 2 Impress Photo Contest

My girlfriend over at Born 2 Impress is running a photo contest and I wanted to make sure all you lovelys know about it.

Do you have a baby girl that was Born 2 Impress?

Send your pictures showing off your daughter to:

All pictures will be added to an album the Born 2 Impress Fan page on Facebook.
To vote you'll have to leave a comment on the picture you are casting the vote for, you can vote once for each kid.

The kid with the most votes will win the contest and as a prize the winner will receive:

-A Surprise box with Born 2 Impress accessories according to her age.

-A permanent discount to the Born 2 Impress store.

-Special feature on the Born 2 Impress blog.

You can start sending in your photos right away and tell all your friends and family to vote for your little one.
The sooner you start the more votes you'll get!

The Winner will be picked on May 30th.



Unknown said...

Well in my opinion I have someone born 2 impress; you should come over and see just how cute she is. She might just be wearing a fabulous custom made twirly blue skirt☺ It arrived Monday night, wow was that fast! We love it, you are super sweet to have made it and sent it to us. {{Hugs}}


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