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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

This is not really going to be a WW, it is the perfect picture for it though because I can just see the puzzled look on your faces. 

So last week I sewed by girls their outfits for C's Valentines Day school party. The finishing touch was to embroider matching shirts for them. So it had been awhile since I used this part of my machine. I go into my "embroidery room" and open the drawer where I keep the accessories......this is what I find!

Apparently C had been hiding her FOOD in my drawer! How long you ask? Long enough for the food on the bottom of the pile to be extremely black and fuzzy...so about 2 months. The little girl had been not only  hiding her food, but then lying and showing me a clean plate and getting rewarded for it by getting dessert!!! I wanted to have a fit, good thing she was in school. So I grabbed my phone (because of course my camera battery was dead), took this picture and called her father to discuss how to proceed.

On the way home from school she was asking to go to the park (good luck with that one chica), I handed her my phone with the picture on it. I watch her face in the rear view mirror. She looks for a second then  'click', like a switch being turned on I see a half smirk come across her face.

Me: Hey bear, what is that picture of?
C: Uhhhhh, ummmmm
Me: Come again?
C: Ummm, I don't know but I'm sorry and I won't do it again.
Me: If you do not know what it is why are you sorry?
C: Hmmm, It's food
Me: Ya think!

So she spent the rest of the day in her room until bedtime. She was allowed out for potty brakes and dinner. We have never had to do that before. The timeouts and taking stuff away doesn't even phase her anymore. What happened to my leverage? So this was Thursday. Friday was her party, she was good the rest of the day. Fast forward to SATURDAY lunch time. I serve her and M their lunch and walk away to do dishes..ps..daddy is sitting 2 feet away on the computer..ummm yah. 

It sounds quiet....too quiet. I turn the corner to the room she should be in..nope..not there and her sandwich is missing! My first thought is "okay she went to my room to watch TV while she ate"
(even though that is off limits since she got busted)...nope not there. Her bedroom door is cracked..odd.

I open the door to catch her AGAIN hiding her food! This time in the cabinet under her bed! I call in her father and we make her open it and take out everything. More and more food...aghhhh! REALLY! It hasn't been 2 full days yet since she was busted the first time and here she is again! 

What do I do know, how do I handle this and why is she doing it? Anyone have this problem? Any comments are appreciated :)


Stephanie said...

I haven't had to deal with that, but my youngest daughter, she likes to keep papers, all papers. Every paper she's scribbled on, every paper she's marked on, EVERYTHING. I have to go through her room every month or so to try to clean it out. I don't know how to deal with it other than to clean every now and then. If it were food though, I'd probably like chain her to a chair, lol, jk! Maybe try sitting there with her to make sure she doesn't get up? Have you tried talking to her to ask her why? Good luck! Let me know how it goes, maybe it will work for the paper thing!

Melissa said...

How old is she?

April said...

Oh man! That's funny but HARD. Maybe you should make her sit down and eat in front of you. Stopping by from SITS!

Unknown said...

Hm, I really have no idea. Wow, but old food is just a bad idea... I really have a problem with rotten food.... that would be hard for me. Wish I had some advice but I just dont know

Stopping by from harriets comment love to say hi,

Ali said...

That is crazy! I am suprised she didn't try to feed the dog, that's what our kiddo did.

Mommyof2girlz/StephD said...

Melissa - She will be 5 in June!

At the dinner table we always sit together so it's never a problem then...it's when I would let her eat her lunch in my room while watching Noggin. I asked her "why" and she had no reply. The only thing that makes sense is that she just didn't want it what I was making which is weird b/c I give her a choice of different "menus" and she picks!

Guess I have been to lenient with her, so now of course she doesn't leave my sight even if it is just for a small snack. I hope it is something she grows out of.

Anonymous said...

oh No! Id sit righ tnow with her and watch her eat every bite!

Writing Without Periods! said...

Glad it wasn't worldless Wednesday. Funny story.

***Sharon*** said...

Wait. Are you more mad about the food, the lying or that the food was so close to your beautiful fabric?!? LOL

monica said...

I am sure it's a phase...but I would diffently stop the eating anywhere except in the kitchen.


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