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Monday, February 22, 2010

Friend Makin Monday


Stop by Amber's blog aefilkins and sign up for FMM! 

p.s. she is opening a shop and it looks like it is going to be adorable!

This week, inquiring minds want to know: What did you do this weekend? Confess it.

Did you sleep in late? Were you lazy? Were you productive? Did you do anything special? Tell us all about it.

This weekend was fabulous.

-Friday night I did more work on Sook's blog, made myself a Gin & Tonic and watched TV with the fam.
-Saturday morning I wanted to sleep in but as usual, that didn't happen. The rain came back to SoCal.
-Saturday afternoon there was a brake in the rain, the sun came through so we all went to Dog Beach. The girls played in the surf and had a blast.
-Saturday night we made homemade pizza for dinner a pigged out.
-Sunday morning woke to rain again. Hubby was up at 0330..poor Sook had been sick all over the house..must have been the salt water from the beach.
-Sunday afternoon hubby and I took the girls to the base theater for Alvin and the Chipmunks 2. It was very cute.
-Sunday night I made a yummy cheesy chicken casserole. The girls had bath time and we all hit the rack early.

So what did you do?



HeartsMakeFamilies said...

Hey just stopping by to say Hi from Friday Follow!

Happy Follow Friday!


Unknown said...

I miss the beach. We used to go to SoCal a lot since we lived in Vegas. We love Alvin too cute movie. Happy FMM!

Melissa said...

Sounds like you had a busy, yet fun (minus Sookie getting sick) weekend!
My weekends are so boring when I have to work these 6 day weeks. But the next 2 weeks are only 5 day weeks! Yay!

Jen said...

Cool, thanks for posting.

Why don't you join our Monday Blog Hop, Mompreneur Monday and add your sites link to our list.


Gosfam said...

Sounds like a fun weekend despite the rain. I miss SoCal. Lived there for a few years and I wish I was there now :)

Unknown said...

I updated my websites and caught up on commenting!

Sara said...

What a fun weekend. We went outside also, but it was cold and snowy. I would rather have been on the beach!
Have a great day

I am Harriet said...

Hi there.
I'm stopping by to thank you for signing up to participate in Blog Love Commenting this month.
Thanks so much!

Angela Tolsma said...

Oh the beach sounds sooo wonderful!! I am tired on snow!! Happy FMM

Melissa said...

Even with the sometime rain, Southern California is awesome! Are you at Pendleton? We're in 29 Palms. I was looking to see what date you posted that and realized you must not be in 29 Palms because we didn't have rain over the weekend! It was gorgeous here.



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