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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Glasses USA - Review

Who doesn't need an new pair of glasses or maybe just want to up date with the changing trends. Really though with the prices how can we afford it until we have to. I've never had to deal with glasses until last year. I decided I couldn't put it off any longer, I needed to have my eye's checked. I didn't think my eyes were "that bad". I noticed I was having more and more trouble seeing street signs until I was practically on top of it (missed a lot of turns that way) and driving at night...forget about it. Everything was one big blur.

So I went and had the tests done. It was simple enough, straight forward, but that's not what I was dreading. Now I had to get my glasses that I so desperately needed. What types of frames, color, sunglasses or no and then the price..ouch! I went to base my husband is currently stationed at and saw there was a buy one get one sale. I spent for freakin ever there. Trying on  a lot of different frames, decided that I needed a pair of sunglasses for driving (especially in sunny SoCal) and a pair of eyeglasses for driving at night. After an hour I finally found the frames I liked and I was excited. Then they handing me the bill...$375!!! Oh my lord, I thought hubby was going to fall over. Sad part is after all that time and money, I am not thrilled about my clear lenses but whatever.

Last week I was contacting by a Hillary Rubin for GlassesUSA. A premier online retailer of prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses. Starting at only $18 you can get a wonderful pair of stylish frames with FDA approved lenses within only a few days of placing your online order. Is it really that simple? Take it from me, yes, yes it is! I was skeptical when ordering my pair. It took so long to try on pair after pair in a store how could I possibly find one online that I will love. I will tell you how. First if your a novice like me you can start by checking out their page "Tips to Flatter Your Facial Shape With Eyeglasses" or "Which Frames Will Best Flatter Your Style ". Next just browse from the comfort of your couch. Search by price, gender or material. Once you found a pair you are interested in check out the product description which will tell you the lens type, material and dimensions. Add it to your cart, pick extras you may want, add your script and tada, your done! Could it be any simpler? And if your like me and have never actually read your script before check out their page "How to Read Your Prescription", which was a big help for me.

In less than a week, my eyeglasses arrived. I was so excited and what was better is that it finished off a great day I had been having. My glasses where waiting for me in my mailbox when I returned home from the Hungry Girl/Yoplait event (previous post).



I picked the Hilarie Red Full Frames. In choosing my frames I wanted something retro and not what I would normally pick for myself. The hard case from GlassesUSA that my glasses are in is ten times better than the case that came with my $150 pair. What was the price for these beauties? SRP is $70, however from GlassesUSA they are only $31.95!!!  I could have ordered 3 pairs from GlassesUSA for the price of my one, wish I knew about them sooner. 

What if I was not satisfied with my glasses? No problem. Along with their Award Winning customer service they have a 100% satisfaction guarentee. 

"We do our best at GlassesUSA.com to ensure that all frames and lenses are produced to perfection and according to the prescription and specific needs and of our customers. Our optical experts put each pair of eyeglasses through our 5-Stripe process of excellence in order to inspect the accuracy of the prescription lenses and the frame alignment. We offer our customers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee because we have confidence that you will love our products! If for any reason, our eyeglasses did not meet your standards, you may return them for an eyeglasses exchange or a refund."

So do I like my glasses? You tell me!



I totally rock these glasses and could not be happier with my whole experience with GlassesUSA. The quality of the lenses and the frames are perfect. I love these so much I wear them more than my sunglasses. I have had so many compliments on how great they look I think I'm getting a big head. Shhh, don't tell hubby...lol
GlassesUSA has a lifetime customer in me and I actually can not wait to order another pair. At these wonderful prices and fantastic quality how could I not. I'm currently thinking of  Independence Brown, what do you think?

DISCLAIMER: I was given the opportunity by GlassesUSA to test their website and product free of charge. The opinions given in the above post are mine and mine alone and are unbiased.



Unknown said...

Those are really nice looking specs!
I'll have to check them out and see if they sell reading glasses. I had Lasik a few years ago and so I only need glasses when I am reading a book or sitting at the computer for a length of time.

monica said...

They look great on you. That reminds me that I need to get my eyes checked and then order glasses fom them. One of the reasons I haven't done the first is because I don't have the money for the second step! Thanks for the insight!


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