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Sunday, March 29, 2009

I Won!

So during the awesome UBP, I found so many amazing blogs and met a ton of new friends. One of my newest friends is Jaybird Designs.

She was doing her own Giveaway during the party for $25 dollars worth of product from her Etsy Store. She has some really adorable knit toddler things. I especially loved the Pink Crochet Shrug 2t-4 Pink Flower Girl or Easter. Anyways, so I was going to pick something for C but then while going through her shop I saw this wickedly fantastic Neapolitan Flapper Beanie. Now I am not one to rock a hat of any kind, but I feel in love and I figure it will be perfect and fashionable for when I am strolling down the Mission Beach boardwalk early in the morning with my girls. I can't wait!
If you love adorable knit anythings for mom and kids make sure to check her out!


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