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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

We finally had a beautiful day here in VA yesterday so we went to a friends house for a get together. My girlfriend Freddie had her mom visiting from France. I don't know much French just the basic's. My girls probably know more than I do because they call Fredrick "tante" and our buddy (her hubby) Chris "tonton". They are fantastic people and it was so nice to finally meet her mother. She is such a doll and so fashion forward.

Anyways, I decided yesterday morning to whip up an outfit for M that I have been wanting to make for awhile. It is from the Ottobre Winter 08 and yet again when it was finished I fell in love with the pattern! The top is called "Cecilia" and the pants are "Lelle" leggings. The wrap style jacket called for using wool, but I had this adorable fleece and thought a fleece outfit would be perfect for winter. It was tough to get a picture of M standing still but I tried my best.

I also decided to have C ware M's Anna dress (previous post). As adorable M was when she wore it, C was even cuter I think because it was a perfect top for her. I layered it with the "Sweet'n Cosy" raglan-sleeve I had previously made her and then her jeans. Perfect and funny how my almost 4yr old can ware my 18 months clothing....they have the same chest and tummy measurements..haha

Now I'm sick and tired, I think I've been overdoing it a bit. I was up all last night with a fever, guess my body is trying to tell me something...we'll see if I listen.



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