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Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Rant - Web Stealing

Why do people feel the need to take from others? Why do others try to build their lives, business, or websites off of others ideas, thoughts and hard work? I'm so sick of seeing people STEAL pictures, sentences, descriptions and sometimes whole paragraphs from other peoples websites just to build there's up and then take full credit as if it was all them!

I have worked very hard and done a lot of research to build my site and it pisses me off when I see my ideas, wording of specific things or even something as stupid as a promo picture taken straight from my site. Some say to be "flattered" that someone else likes my ideas or site enough to copy me, but when you see a website site that is based off of 5 or 6 different websites...come on now.

What amazes me even more is that people don't think anyone will notice. We all are in the same "arena" for what we make and sell, how does someone not think that other people are going to notice you stole their product picture, full descriptions, or personal business ideas. Obviously this rant comes on the heals of being notified about a few sites. What does my hubby say..."when you get the emails about this, don't go to the site, leave it alone".....and here I thought my hubby knew me better than that...haha

Now take into mind that this rant has nothing to do with product. It's not like I can say anything I make is mine and only my original idea, (although someday I do hope to design my own line of girl clothes).....but I do hand make everything myself and am very proud of each piece and every outfit and more importantly I give credit where credit is due. Just don't go telling people you made an outfit when you didn't. People who do clothing and construction can tell the difference.

That is my rant, not how I wanted to start my weekend, but it is now done with. I don't do it much, it usually takes a lot to get me going, but if you have a rant of your own or something you just need to get off your chest please feel free to post it here, i'm sure we have all been there before.


***Sharon*** said...

You have every right to be proud of the things that you make. I have seen your stuff first hand and can say that you do an awesome job - and you "finish" (no stray strands, backstitching where it needs, etc.) your products that way they should be!

I agree - that copying another person's work is a form of flattery...TO A POINT. But some people go above and beyond. And copying other people's pages WORD FOR WORD and/or stealing other people's actual photos is just wrong, wrong, wrong. Where is the Internet police when you need them?

Mom2fur said...

I don't blame you for being upset! That is theft, and it is wrong, wrong, wrong! I say it's okay to copy ONLY if you give credit where it is due. And always a link back to the original source!
Oh, LOL, I just glanced at Sharon's comment and she wrote 'wrong, wrong, wrong', too!


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