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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Fabric Find

So I was browsing Jo'anns as usual Sunday afternoon (with no kids, thanks honey) when I came across an awesome find. I found a bolt of different Batik fabric strips that were serged together for $4.00 a yard! I love batik's so this was right up my ally. I bought only 1 yard (what was I thinking) and took it home. After contemplating my options for this adorable fabric I decided to make a cute, simple circle twirl skirt for my eldest. Yesterday afternoon I finally got to it and after all was said and done it turned out so cute I decided to throw the kids in the car and rush back to Jo'anns to buy more. Of course after searching again and again I couldn't find it anywhere! I even asked the girls and they said it was back there somewhere, but alas no luck. I instead ended up buying some cute Stonehill fabric I was eyeing on Sunday. Hopefully next time I go back to Jo'anns (tomorrow i'm sure) I will run across the Batik again.



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