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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tiny Tag Designs Review

Since I gave birth to my girls I have wanted something to wear to symbolize them. A mother's ring, a necklace, something. Granted I do have a tattoo of two cherry blossoms (one for each girl) on my forearm, but jewelry, I wanted something beautiful and shiny I could wear. I was the lucky winner of a giveaway for Tiny Tag Designs. I have seen this company on other blogs and have always wanted to order a necklace for myself but as normal my money goes everywhere else. I was so excited when I won...finally I get my necklace!

Melissa Clayton is the owner of Tiny Tag Designs and such a sweetheart. My gift certificate was for one stamped tag with chain but Melissa knowing I have two girls made a second tag for me at no extra charge. How sweet was that! You can see what type of a heart she has by the wonderful organizations she contributes to. She truly gives back to her community which is awesome.

So my necklace finally arrived and I could not love a piece of jewelry more. It's perfect and what is even better is when C saw it on me and saw her name, she was so excited. She loves it so much that she reminds me every morning that I need to put my necklace on. I am planning on buying one for my mom for her birthday with the girls names as a grandmother's necklace. Also since C loves mine so much Tiny Tag Designs has the cutest Little Girl Flower Necklace where I can have her initial stamped and she can wear it just like mommy.

What I love about Tiny Tag Designs is it's not big and bulky. I love the small petite look of this necklace yet it makes a big shiny statement. I have had so many compliments since I received my necklace. I will forever be a fan of Tiny Tag Designs. They do not just do simple adorable name tags like mine but Inspirational Necklaces, Couple Necklaces, Birthstones, and even Bracelets.

 About Tiny Tags: 

"Tiny Tag Designs is my sweet, not so little anymore jewelry business. I started Tiny Tag Designs after I had my 2nd son. Since then, my husband and I have been blessed with our 3rd son. I am lucky to work from home while caring for my darling little boys, 4, 3 and 1 ½. Tiny Tag Designs has provided a great balance between being a mom and having my own ‘thing’.

The greatest part about Tiny Tag Designs is hearing from so many moms about what having a Tiny Tag Designs necklaces means to them. I have been blessed to hear from new moms who have received a necklace and are beaming with pride and love showing off their new bundle of joy. I also have been brought to tears making necklaces for moms who are remembering their little ones who been called to heaven or who are fighting for their lives. Each month, I give to Save the Children, Plan USA, and St. Jude’s and my goal is to keep on giving. I welcome emails about other non profit organizations that may be near and dear to your heart or if auction items are needed for charity events. I am always willing to participate and welcome the opportunity to give back."

Disclaimer: I received no monitory or product compensation for my review. The above mentioned necklace was won in a blog giveaway. All opinions are mine and mine alone and are unbiased.



Unknown said...

personalized jewelry is the best!
stopping by from SITS

Carma Sez said...

that is lovely :-)

Kel said...

I been looking for this exact thing. I will definitely be checking this out. Thanks!

Bitsy Baby Photography said...

oh tiny tags looks AWEsome, i will go take a look.....i'd loooove to offer something like that to my new Mommy clients =)


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