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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Simple Stencil Review

Have you ever hand painted stencils on your walls? Vines with grapes in your kitchen, a theme in your new nursery or a quote to remember? I have and I bet you have too. I also remember how messy it was and if the paint bled under my stencil or painters tape, forget about it I was upset. Then in a few months down I would get bored and want a change...time to bust out the primer and rollers.

What if you could have perfect lettering or graphics in your choice of color, delivered to your home and it only takes a few minutes to apply to your wall? What if you wanted a different look and you could just pull your design off your walls with no repainting? No spilled paint, no brushes to clean, no mess..it is possible. The Simple Stencil makes it possible. "SimpleStencils™ are self adhesive vinyl letters and designs that simply rub on walls, mirrors, windows and other smooth surfaces. Unlike traditional painted stencil designs, our transfers are easy to apply, and while robust, they are removable, making them ideal for frequent remodeling and renovating, special occasions and renters."

I recently moved my work area from my dinning area. I took our guest bedroom and turned it into my office/work room. I am loving it. A whole room, with a locking door (score) all to myself! However this left a large empty wall in my dinning room and I have been dying to do something with it. I knew my problem was solved when The Simple Stencil contacting me about writing a review.

I was in heaven browsing all the premade designs on The Simple Stencil. I had the hardest time choosing what I wanted to review. Did I want a famous quote or should it tie in with cooking since it's my dinning/kitchen area? What about a nice big monogram of our family name? So many options! I even started to lean towards instead getting something for the girls room instead. Since my girls share a room I thought this would be adorbable...

I soon realized with my little monsters (meaning my 3 year old terror M) it wouldn't last long.  Since The Simple Stencils are removable, M would realize it and have it down in a day. So back to finding something for myself. After finding my perfect stencil and ordering it I couldn't wait to get it. Normal turnaround time is about 7 days and it was about that when I received mine.

What I saw after opening my box was the very cool "practice wording" sent free. With every purchase you can choose up to 12 letters as your free practice wording. I forgot about this special feature so they picked one for me and it was perfect. I read the very easy directions on how to place my stencil and got to it.

Here I am applying my practice stencil.......

Bamm, done! In just a couple minutes I have this wonderful stencil. It was perfect for our wall of family pictures. So now seeing this, how awesome it looks and how easy it was I am so excited to do my big stencil.

Again I follow the easy directions on how to set up my stencil. I recommend if your doing a large stencil get help. It took hubby and me to prep this stencil. However once it was prepped I was on my own and it was just as easy as the little practice stencil. A few minutes later I had this beautiful stencil..........

It's perfect. Every time I walk into my kitchen I see it and smile. It has also helped me to take a breath when I feel the girls getting out of control and my blood pressure rise. It is the perfect addition to my home. It's elegant and beautiful.

About Simple Stencil:

Simple Stencils are pre-pasted, pre-spaced, individually laser cut out letters that press on your wall or any flat smooth surface (glass, metal, smooth stone, plastic, etc.). Once applied with our easy to follow instructions, the letters are the only thing remaining on the wall or surface. The letters are very thin, equivalent to about 3 coats of paint and have a beautiful matte or satin finish. The above properties give the letters the appearance of being painted on without all the mess, skill, creative limitations and time that hand painted stencils require.

These are not decals with a clear film around the letters, but rather individually cut out letters that have been pre-spaced for you. Applying the Simple Stencils is as easy as removing the backing and pressing to the surface where you would like it.  Each order is custom made to your specifications and arrives with easy to follow illustrated instructions, installation tool and a free practice word which makes it Simple to add your own creative meaning and personality to your space!  Visit us for 100′s of ideas and pictures to inspire you to add some creative decor to your walls and windows."

Made in the USA and members of The Better Business Bureau The Simple Stencil prides itself on quality and customer satisfaction. Not sure if their stencils will work for you order a FREE sample in your choice of color. That's right, try it before you buy it. Customize your house, special events or even your wedding with The Simple Stencil.

Disclaimer: In conjunction with Mom Made That! and The Simple Stencil I was given the above mentioned product to write a review.  I received no monitory compensation for my participation. All opinions are mine and mine alone and are unbiased.



Cleo said...

Hey Girlie!
Thanks for stoppin' in my "Post It Note Tuesday"!!!
A fellow gun-lovin' & totin'Mama, eh?????
We rock!!!!! ;)

Unknown said...

Love it and how wonderful that they give you a practice word. So it's really like getting two in one. I have one vinyl saying but I could use some more☺

Veronica Lee said...

Stencils make great embellishments for walls. I definitely will visit the site.

Thanks for the info and have a nice day, Stephanie.

Carma Sez said...

those came out so well and it sure beats the stenciling of years back where you had to get paint and those little puffy brushes and it took an eternity to finish. I did a border in our former house and then we moved. That was about 30 hours of wasted time :D

Jamie said...

Those are really cute!


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