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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Little Mouse, Little Mouse Bento

C has this favorite book we have read to her at bedtime since she was born called Time For Bed by Mem Fox. It is a little worn and falling apart but will soon be replaced with a new version  as we could not live with out it. The very last page is a picture of a little blond curly haired girl fast asleep. When C was much younger she would always point to it and say "me mommy me". So adorable still to this day.

So I am going to "try" to make the lunch based on each page in order. One page a day.  Lord help me but I think I can do it so here we go..

"It's time for bed, little mouse, little mouse
Darkness has fallen all over the house."

Now after my not so successful attempt a few days ago of cutting details out of Nori I thought I would try fruit roll ups. *shrugs shoulders* Not sure it is any better but there's my little mouse. With cheddar daisy's and cantaloupe stars.

See the pink Onigiri? This is my by accident find. I have not Googled whether this has been done before so maybe it has..but if not I am sooooo claiming it...that's right you heard it hear first...patent pending...LOL

While eating the sausage Onigiri yesterday I happened to mix some of the rice and the strawberry stars together...WOW. It was awesome. So then I took the rice and mixed it with cantaloupe..knocked my socks off. AH HA I said to myself so I smashed up strawberries and folded it into the leftover sticky rice. I then made the balls and placed cantaloupe in the middle...Fruity Onigiri!

Here is my lunch for today (why can't mama have some fun too). A cucumber sandwich with the fruity Onigiri, cantaloupe flowers and Cool Whip for dipping. P.S. the Onigiri dipped in the Cool Whip...THE BOMB!


mom2ahrj said...

that is super cute and i LOVE the idea of making a themed bento based on pages from a book! kudos to you!!!

Pebz ★ said...

SO SO SO cute! You have skill definitely! =)

Pebz ★ said...

I swear these lunches are the cutest things EVER!

I so wish I had the patience for something like this - I bet mine would look awful haha!

Veronica Lee said...

Very, very CUTE!!! You are multi-talented.

Happy Thursday, Stephanie.

House Of Aqua said...

You have the best ideas for making a bento box lunch fun!


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