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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

First Day Of School Cakes {Tradition}

When we were stationed in VA I had the pleasure of meeting and becoming close friends with Sharon of Mama's A Mess. On the first day of school she would make her eldest daughter a cake with the current school grade decorated on it. Watching year after year the progression and changes in her daughter was beautiful. I then decided when the girls started Kindergarten I wanted to bring that first day of school tradition into our home.

So every year since Kindergarten I make a cake, decorate it and then when the girls get home we snap a picture. It has only been a few years since starting the tradition but the girls remember it and plan what flavor of cake and frosting they want well before school starts.

This year with the big moved a week before school started I decided to make it easier on myself and to make mini cupcakes in the shape of this years school grade. Plus I really didn't want and my waistline doesn't need two full double layer cakes in my fridge. 

So far I have seen the most change in C but she is the oldest and has had two more years of cakes then M. It is just such a fun tradition and I look forward to it each year just as much as the girls do.


amy (fearless homemaker) said...

What a lovely, brilliant tradition! If you don't mind, I'm totally going to steal this with my little one. We still have a few years before she goes away to school of any kind, so I have to find a way to remember to do this!!!

Veronica Lee said...

A lovely tradition indeed. Your girls are growing more beautiful by the day.

Laura said...

Hello my friend!! I admit, I haven't been here to visit you in quite sometime, but you know I stalk you on IG ;) So glad to see your move has went well. I know our own time in CA seemed to fly, and seeing you PCS'ing already I couldn't believe how fast yours went by.

Love seeing how big the girls are getting! And This is such a great idea to do for them. I may have to copy the idea with my own next year.

Carma Sez said...

this is such a unique tradition - love it - you are talented in so many ways!!


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