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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Pleated Ruffle Jackets {Sew Fierce Boutique}

I have been a bad blogging buddy. I have not been testing new recipes and I have not been writing product reviews so what in the world have I been doing? Sewing of course! For the past month I have been working on orders for this stunning jacket. It has a gorgeous pleated collar and a full fun skirt.

What makes this jacket even more amazing is that it is reversible!! Two fabulous looks in one!!

This jacket can also be made for adults. That's right I made my first adult clothing item and have to say that I am pretty impressed with myself. I received an order for TWO adult jackets so I have been sewing away like crazy. This is the first one I finished. classic colors of black, white and red.

Whether this jacket is on a child or an adult it is just stunning! I have not put up a custom listing yet in my Etsy for these jackets. Still trying to figure out shipping prices and such. However if you are interested the sizes that can be made range from 2 month all the way up to Adult XL. Feel free to contact me through my Facebook Page or my Etsy Shop for more information and pricing. 


amy (fearless homemaker) said...

Oh my goodness, SO gorgeous! Both the kid and the adult version!


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