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Monday, April 15, 2013

Time to Boost Metabolism and Eat Healthy To Save My Santity

The past week I have been dealing with my ulcer. Stress is a bitch and when I get overwhelmed my body throws it right back at me in the form of awful pain, vomiting and diarrhea. This could last for a day or a week, I never know. I could have all three symptoms or just one or two but regardless, pain is always the first to the party and the last to leave.

I am so tired. tired of the ulcer, tired of the pain, tired of having a crappy attitude, tired of being sad and just tired of being tired. So what happens when you think your getting close to the comfy padded room with the stylish strappy white jacket with big shinny buckles? You figure out what the hell you can do to fix the problem.

One of the major changes I am making is how I eat. I saw a short segment on GMA while in and out of conciseness from the pain meds about a book called "The Fast Metabolism Diet". That short mention piqued my interest. Not just because I have been at a plateau for weeks and can not brake it to save my life, but because I liked the idea behind it.

We all know food is fuel, a high metabolism burns fat, chemicals are bad, blah blah blah. I am a chronic dieter, always have been..even if I didn't need it. I have read so many diet books and have never stuck with it because I never really connected, until now. Just her section explaining the  "five major players" as she calls it, had me addicted to her book. While reading her book I was having flash backs of listening to my doctors over the years talk about the Adrenals in association with stress, the Thyroid, the Pituitary, ect. Only this time it sunk in, it finally made sense. Or maybe I was just willing to finally listen and that is when I had my "Ah Ha" moment.

The "ah ha" wasn't just for me, but for my oldest daughter "C". Last week she got her first pimple and I just about had a mini stroke. She is a month and a half away from turning 8...that's right 8, and she already had a pimple...WTF? Then I started thinking about her wicked mood swings she has had the past few months. Could she be that close to puberty? Is her period right around the corner? NOOOOO!!!! I didn't get my period until I was 14....she's not even 8! Yes, it is possible after talking with many friends of tween girls, it is closer than I think.

It is so time for a change. So based on the foods listed in Haley Pomroy book I wiped out my pantry and went through the fridge. Clean raw eating is going to be our new family lifestyle. NO wheat, sugar, corn, nitrates, soy, processed foods, GMO foods, caffeine and alcohol. "So what is left" some of my friends posted on my FB page. What is left is raw fruit, veggies and lean organic meats. Do not get me wrong, we are not "horrible" eaters. As you've seen from my bento lunches I try and feed my family from every food group, make dinner every night and even grow our own garden. But there is more I can do to help not just my own body but my girls so why wouldn't I do it.

So this is my 4 week challenge as laid out by The Fast Metabolism Diet. Eat 5 times a day. Eat raw, clean and lean. After 4 weeks we will see how everyone feels and either keep going or make adjustments. I am hoping to not even feel a tinge of pain from my ulcer and really hoping to see an attitude shift in my daughter.

I will be posting photos and recipes of my main meals and letting you know how it is working for us. Today was Day #1, keep your fingers and toes crossed!



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