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Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Last One Gets On The Bus {back to school}

Yesterday my baby girl got on the school bus with her sister *sniff sniff* 

She is starting Kindergarten and C is in 1st. I have not been truly all alone in 7 years so yesterday after they got on the bus, I actually felt almost abandoned. I knew I would cry, and I did. I have every year since C was in Preschool, but I did not think I would feel so lonely. M has always been my sidekick, my buddy, my lunch date. The one I snuggle with on the couch after C would go off to school. 

I didn't realize how much M and I do together until after she was gone...and it was only the first day! I think once I find my new routine and "independence" i'll be okay. As for my girls, they are perfect. They loved the first day of school and were even more excited about day #2.

C & M getting ready to board the bus with the neighbor girls. The four girls became so close this summer, they love each other like sisters.

A new school year means bento lunches are back! I kept it simple, but it still sent a message. My girls are my heart so I found it fitting to make them heart sami's. Also packed in our Easy Lunchboxes is baby carrots, purple grapes and pretzel thins. The girls are excited because I told them I just ordered new two new ELB Coolers for them. One in Pink and in in Purple, their favorite colors!


Veronica Lee said...

Yes! I was beginning to miss those awesome bento lunches, Steph!

Your girls are so pretty! Love the pics.

Meredith said...

Cute lunches! I feel like I've been on a hiatus forever. I love all the back to school posts.

Jenni Price said...

Yes....I'm feeling sad for you and with you! Every year it's hard to say goodbye when the kids head off for school. I'll love to hear how your new schedule works out now that your life will have a "new" normal.


amy (fearless homemaker) said...

Yay for bentos being back! I loved seeing those last school year.


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