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Friday, February 24, 2012

America Themed Bentos

This week C's class is learning about the Flag and symbols of America. So I thought I this would also be a good theme for her lunches this week.
21Feb12 -  I made this for C anticipating her return to school...apparently not.

22Feb12 - Yay finally first day back to school in a week!

23Feb12 - I visited C's class. I read a book about the American Flag, brought a craft about the Flag, and made yummy Star cookies to share for snack.

24Feb12 - Liberty Bell. Today's lunch rounds off our theme for the week.

The past week has been well...it just has been. Last Tuesday C woke with pink eye so we rushed her to her doctor as soon as they opened. While there we realized M was warm and started to complain of a sever sore throat. So doc checks her out too and not only did she have a fever, but possibly strep throat. A fever again! This girl has been spiking fevers off and on for a month! They were both put on various medications and kept home for over a week...Oy!

C's single pink eye turned into a double and while M's fevers broke and throat healed, she still had the same wicked barking cough that was going around the house. The week pasted, the weekend and then Presidents Day and everyone was finally healthy...yay! I woke C up for school this past Tuesday anticipating her return to school, when all the sudden while getting ready she grabs her tummy and starts screaming in pain. She had no gut sounds and I could only assume she was blocked up, probably from all the meds from the past week.

So once again, she stayed home, I gave her stuff to help move her tummy along and by the afternoon she was feeling so much better (after several trips to the pot). YAY! Her and M finally returned back to school happy and healthy and mommy got some long awaited quiet time. I hope this is the worst of the sickness, we have been dealing for the past month with something and I just want it over and done with! Fingers and toes crossed :)


amy (fearless homemaker) said...

cute bentos! hope your little ones are feeling lots better + sickness stays away from your house for a long time!

Veronica Lee said...

Sending hugs to your little ones!!

Love the bentos as always, Steph!

Carma Sez said...

awesome bentos - sorry to hear you've been dealing with all this sickness :-( pink eye is stressful...


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