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***NOTICE: Please bare with me while I reload ALL the images that was deleted in a Blogger/Google+ fiasco. All images from the past 3 years have been deleted and it will take me awhile to reload everything and get my blog back to it's original state. Thank you for your patience! ***

Friday, January 27, 2012

This Weeks Bento Lunches

A few of C's lunches from this week packed into our Easy Lunchboxes containers!

As you may have seen I am having issues with my blog. Without paying much attention I reacted to something on my new Google+ account without really "investigating" it first. So because of that I inadvertently deleted all the images from my blog. Apparently my Google+ was linked to my blog, so when I deleted pictures from my account it also took them from my blog..bummer!

I have gone through all the stages of grief..lol Denial, anger, blame and now I am at acceptance. Who knows this may actually be a good thing since I have to go through my posts one by one. I am actually cleaning house and I think it will streamline my blog as a result. So while this was a disastrous situation I created for myself, I while see it as a positive and move forward. Everything happens for a reason right :)


Rachel Cotterill said...

Oh, that must be heartbreaking! But I'm so happy that you're using it as an incentive to tidy up and make some good come out of it :)

Also, seriously impressed by how much effort you put into making lunches!

Veronica Lee said...

I hate google +! It just doesn't 'add' up! I'll never forgive them for discontinuing GFC!!

Awesome bentos as always, S!


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