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Thursday, January 12, 2012

BabyGanics Review

We have reached the middle of winter and surprising to everyone around us, it has been a warm winter. I would not call below 30 degree temps "warm", but then again what do I know. Of course as a mommy when the winter hits we cringe and wait for the sickness to devour our kids. We try everything to boost their immune systems, keep them away from germs (as much as we can) and keep our fingers and toes crossed our kids will get through the winter no worse for wear.

One thing I do year round is to keep hand sanitizers close by. I have one in the car, one in my purse and even one on the kitchen island. All are easily accessible for my girls and we use them often. The only problem with the hand sanitizers is that they really dry out my hands and I do not necessarily like the girls to put those chemicals on their skin. So what are my choices when we are not around soap and hot water? The answer is BabyGancis! A company started by two dads whom were concerned, like we all are, about the labels on not only the products we use on our kids, but around our homes as well.

 I was contacted by a rep for BabyGanics and asked to try "The Germinator" foaming hand sanitizer. Moisturizing, alcohol free sanitizer...I was so in! My package arrived right before Christmas Eve which was perfect. My girls were off for winter brake so we had plenty of time to try out this product. From the first pump I knew I was hooked. The light citrus smell of tangerine was nice, but it was the immediate feel of soft hands once it dried that I became excited about. I no longer have to pile on the hand lotion after using this hand sanitizer, love that! For my girls was the fun pump and yummy smelling foam, that they got excited over.

As I browsed around the BabyGanics website I see that it is not just sanitizer, shampoo and baby products they have, but products for the whole house. Laundry room, cleaning, suncare and more! It's so nice when you can find a company that cares as much about what you us on your children and around your home as you do.

 "For years, BabyGanics has been the trusted brand of parents worldwide, providing a set of solutions specifically created for the growing family. While each of us should be constantly striving to seek out ways to improve our lives, the birth of a child gives us a great reason to go that extra mile to ensure their health and safety every step of the way. For us, being safe starts at conception, there is no better time to evaluate the products throughout your home.

At BabyGanics we work hard so you can play safe! Whether it’s cleaning products without that harmful stuff or extra gentle skin care for the tenderest of spots on your little ones, we are constantly finding ways to provide healthier, safer and more sustainable solutions. By the way, did we forget to mention affordable? We understand that you are using more products than ever to keep up with your growing family. That’s why we keep a focus on affordability and making the switch to BabyGanics a no brainer!"

Disclaimer: I was contacted by a rep for BabyGanics to write a review for the above mentioned product and was given said product free of charge. I was not offered or given any monetary compensation. All opinions expressed are mine and mine alone and are unbiased.


GypsyFox said...

wow that sounds nice! I always use sanitzer & I hate the alcohol smell, I need to try this, thanks for sharing :)


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