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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Runaway Horse

While in the kitchen this morning Sookie was crying at the patio door. Nothing unusual about that, she whines anytime she see's deer, turkey's, birds, squirrels, basically anything that moves. She had a high pitched squeal to this mornings whine so I asked C to look out the window and see what her problem was.

Next thing I know I hear C yelling "it's a horse"! "What" I said, not quite sure I heard her right. "A HOOOORSE".... this time with a high pitched squeal that almost matched Sookie's. I go to the window and yup, there was a horse hanging out eating the grass. Interesting!

Of course my first thought was to grab the camera, but I resisted and instead ran to the fridge, grabbed an apple and then grabbed Sookie's leash. As I stepped outside the pretty Paint picked up her head, looked at me and then went back to grazing. I didn't think she would spook since I have met her before, but you never know.

I was able to go right up to her, and while feeding her the apple I made a makeshift halter out of Sookie's leash and placed it around her head. When she had finished the apple, I walked her down the road to her house.

Her 2 other paddock mates (a Bay Mare and a Palomino Gelding) apparently decided to wait there for the filly and not follow. I opened the gate and put her back inside with her mates. I saw where she had broke through the fence so I went up the drive to tell my neighbor what was going on.

I was only up at the house for a few minutes and when I walked back down the drive I saw the Bay and Palomino...but not the filly...really? I turned and saw her now eating grass in her front yard. I walked over and called her. Once she saw me she came over and dropped her head as in to say, "yep, I did it again". I put the leash/halter back around her and lead her back to the paddock once again. By now my neighbor was there and fixing the fence, so I knew she wouldn't (for now) escape again.

The girls were sad they didn't get to pet her before I took her home, so I told them to get dressed, I sliced some apples and we headed back over to the neighbors. When we got there the horses were in the back stalls, but your neighbor being awesome , let us go back there to see them.

 The girls got such a kick out of feeding them and hanging out. C did not want to leave. I would see the *spark* in her eyes as she looked at them. I see more of myself in C everyday, and I can see her immediate love and bond with the horses. 


amy (fearless homemaker) said...

your pics are awesome + your girls look so tickled by the whole thing. what a cool experience for them + i'm so glad you were able to capture the moments in photos. =)

Amber said...

Love that last photo!! What a fun experience for your girls!!

House Of Aqua said...

That is awesome, amazing photos too! When we lived in Iowa for a year, I looked out my window to see holstein cows everywhere. They were eating and tramlping our new grass as well as our neighbors after all spent the spring trying to get our yards started.

Veronica Lee said...

First, a hot-air balloon and now horses! WOW! Something is always happening in your neck of the woods!! I am sooooo moving there! LOL! In my next life :)

Fantastic captures as always, Steph!

Semper Fi Momma said...

love this post. So sweet ;) Looks like your neighbor might have an available helping hand.


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